Kim Archer is a certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting
facilitator. EFT (or tapping) stands for Emotional
Freedom Technique which utilizes acupressure to
release physical, emotional and mental distress in the
body's energy system. EFT is effective and simple to
do. Matrix Reimprinting takes EFT to another level
where you energetically change negative memories
or images for positive ones, thus breaking the link
between your present life's negative behaviors and
thoughts and your past. The result is a life
experience of empowerment and freedom  to create
the life you choose.  If you haven't done EFT before,
view this
Emotional Freedom Technique
You may also contact Kim directly at 636-346-5387 or
or kim.archer57@gmail.com
Kim Archer
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viewing this Youtube Video.
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Kim is offering introductory EFT courses at Community Acupuncture on the second
Monday of the month from 7:00-8:30pm. The fee is $10. Registration is required. If you’re
joining us,
CLICK HERE to register. You can also RSVP to kim.archer57@gmail.com or call
314-772-4325. Previous experience with EFT is not required; however, experienced users
are invited to join us and learn new techniques.  Also, new users often "borrow benefits"
from experienced users.

Kim sees clients at Community Acupuncture to teach EFT and help when further assistance
is needed. Sessions are private and last one hour. New and experienced individuals benefit
from these sessions. The fee is $65. Pre-paid packages of 3 sesions are $55 per visit.
Monthly Introductory EFT Classes
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