Health Practitioners
(Counselors & Fertility are listed separately in sections below)

Helpful Healthy Links


Amy Rauscher.  Breakthrough Counseling for Clients Feeling Stuck.  
Webster Groves on Big Bend Blvd.

Affordable Counseling with Supervised Interns:  $25 Per Session  
Creve Coeur Community Counseling.  Online Booking Available.  

Brene Brown Techniques.  Local STL practitioner certified in her
Justine Froelker

Heart Mind Therapy:  Christina at Holistic Fitness.  Shrewsbury /
Webster Groves.

Jason Eccker: Counseling, EMDR, Recovery, LGBT Issues (Located in
the city in Benton Park):  

Jennifer Nahm: Counseling services specializing in improved self-
worth, healing from traumatic experiences, and personal
transformation.  Mindfulness classes are offered periodically
throughout the year.  
Jennifer Nahm

Holistic Counseling Center in Webster:
Biofeedback, Art Therapy, Past-Life, Meditation Groups, and more


Fitness Studio & Classes:  Lionheart Fitness
Richmond Heights.  Free first visit for acupuncture clients.  Michael Aiello is very
skilled in helping clients recover from injury, especially back pain.

Samantha Lander,  NASM Trainer, Functional Diagnostics Nutrition,

Fertility Support

Counseling about Fertility:  Justine Brooks Froelker

Abdominal Massage (great for fertility & general Women's Health):  
Amanda Jokerst in Maplewood, and Lindsey Bastedo in Creve Coeur

Fertility Support (free monthly meetup group in Kirkwood):  

Fertility Tracking Software & Phone App:

Guided Imagery (Free First Download):  Circle + Bloom

Counseling/Emotional Support with Fertility:  Maria Carella

Medical Clinics for Fertility:

Diagnostic Help/IUI (No IVF).  Our clients love Becky, the Center's

IVF Center:  MCRM Fertility/Dr. Peter Ahlering
(Well Respected Clinic, offering very advanced and innovative
techniques--ranked highly in national stats)

enter:  Sher Institute/
(Doctor Dayal is well respected and admired by our clients)

Practitioners for during Pregnancy:
Women's Care Specialists (at St Luke's Hosp & in St Peters)
Ask for Janet Matuszek, MD, or Kelly Ott, MD
This practice also takes high risk pregnancies

Missouri Baptist:  Michael J. Paul, MD
Specializes in high risk pregnancies

Midwife Services:  
Mercy Birthing Center Midwifery Care

For the Guys:  Fertility-Trained Doctors for Male Testing & Treatment:
Keith Steinbecker at Mercy
Etai Goldenberg at Urology Consultants

Nutrition for Fertility:  
-Feed Your Fertility:  Book Incorporating Chinese Medicine
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